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Cantina Los Faroles

Important Information

Cantina los Faroles is a charming restaurant located inside the luxurious Hotel Xcaret Mexico. Serving up traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern twist, this restaurant is a must-visit for foodies looking to experience the flavors and culture of Mexico. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, and an extensive selection of tequilas and mezcals, Cantina los Faroles is the perfect spot for a casual evening out with friends or a romantic dinner for two.

Discover the Best of Mexican Cuisine and Drinks at Cantina los Faroles in Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Located within the luxurious hotel xcaret mexico discount, Cantina los Faroles is a culinary gem that offers a unique and authentic taste of Mexico. With its vibrant decor, lively atmosphere, and delectable traditional dishes, it is a must-visit spot for food lovers and those seeking an unforgettable dining experience.

The restaurant's interior is inspired by the traditional cantinas of Mexico, with colorful walls, wooden furniture, and vintage decor. The atmosphere is lively and cheerful, perfect for enjoying a night out with friends or family. You'll feel the energy and excitement from the moment you step inside.

Now let's talk about the food. Cantina los Faroles serves an extensive menu of traditional Mexican dishes, prepared with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. From tacos and enchiladas to ceviche and guacamole, the flavors are bold, spicy, and delicious. The portions are generous, so come hungry and be prepared to savor every bite.

One of the standout dishes is the Chiles en Nogada, a famous Mexican dish made with poblano peppers stuffed with ground beef, fruits, and spices, topped with a creamy walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds. It is a must-try and a true representation of the rich and diverse flavors of Mexico.

Of course, no Mexican meal is complete without a drink. Cantina los Faroles offers an impressive selection of tequilas, mezcals, and other traditional Mexican spirits. The bartenders are knowledgeable and skilled, ready to mix up the perfect cocktail to complement your meal.

But Cantina los Faroles is more than just a restaurant. It is a cultural experience that celebrates the history and traditions of Mexico. Live music and entertainment are often featured, adding to the festive and vibrant atmosphere. The staff is friendly and welcoming, making sure you feel right at home.

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