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Xenotes Tour Tickets

Xenotes Tour Tickets

Adults: $142.99 | Children: $107.24

Xenotes Fact Sheet
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Xenotes Tour Tickets

Adults: $142.99 | Children: $107.24

  • Round trip transportation on board a luxury bus and bilingual guide.
  • Welcome coffee, chocolate and pastries.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (water and soft drinks) and seasonal fruits en route.
  • Chocolate, coffee and oatmeal cookies at every Xenote exit, except the one where lunch is served.
  • Glam Picnic: an energizing selection including fusilli-vegetable soup, with premium quality cheeses and deli meats, accompanied with a variety of rustic breads and dressings to prepare your own food sided with fresh salads. Assortment of water, coffee, chocolate, wine and beer.
  • Equipment: life jacket, snorkel equipment, rappel gear, kayak and/ or inner tube.
  • Restrooms, dressing rooms and towel.
Important Information:
  • Children from 7 to 11 years old pay 25% off the Adult ticket price (must show ID at the ticket office of the park).
  • Children over 1.40 m but under 12 years of age, must present identification to verify their age.

Zip lining

Couple zip-lining next to the lily pads during the Xenotes Tour by Xcaret

Jungle high, adrenaline fly! Zip through the Xenotes canopy, wind whispering freedom as you soar across open cenotes. Celebrate your aerial conquest with a cool drink and the thrill of flight. It’s not just a ride, it’s a jungle symphony from above! So strap in, and let’s fly!

Couple zip-lining next to the lily pads during the Xenotes Tour by Xcaret
Young blond lady going down the rappel at the Xenotes Tour


Young blond lady going down the rappel at the Xenotes Tour

Face your fears with the heart-pounding Xenotes Rappel! Grab a quick energy boost with a cool drink and energizing cookie before conquering the ancient cenote. Descend down the mesmerizing rock formations, feeling the adrenaline rush with every step. Celebrate your bravery with a refreshing beverage and the thrill of accomplishment! Ready to face the challenge?


Friendly Kayak competition during the Xenotes tour by Xcaret

Slip into crystal-clear serenity with the Xenotes Kayak! Glide through a semi-open cenote, sunlight dappling the water as you navigate alongside majestic rock formations. Immerse yourself in the lush jungle atmosphere, spotting hidden wonders peeking from below the surface. This isn’t just a paddle, it’s an exploration of nature’s beauty, a tranquil escape punctuated by the gentle rhythm of your kayak.

Friendly Kayak competition during the Xenotes tour by Xcaret
Jungle picnic during Xenotes Tour

Jungle Picnic

Jungle picnic during Xenotes Tour

Imagine warming up with hearty minestrone soup, then choosing from a cold bar of premium meats and cheeses, paired with rustic breads and flavorful dressings. Vibrant salads and refreshing beverages, including water, coffee, soft drinks, wine, and beer, complete the feast. This isn’t just a tour, it’s a culinary journey woven into the fabric of your Xenotes experience!


Lady swimming next to Lilly pads during the Xenotes Tour

Explore the underwater world, marveling at unique rock formations and vibrant fish darting amongst them. Feel the refreshing embrace of the water as you float through ancient caves and hidden chambers. This isn’t just a swim, it’s a journey into the heart of the Mayan underworld, a chance to connect with nature in its purest form.

Lady swimming next to Lilly pads during the Xenotes Tour
Young family on the Chichinitza Tour bus

Tour Transportation

Young family on the Chichinitza Tour bus

Experience a hassle-free journey with our tour bus/van providing round-trip transportation to and from the Xenotes Tour, accompanied by a bilingual guide for an informative and enjoyable ride. Upon arrival, get ready to experience one of the funnest tours in the Riviera Maya.

Special Offer: 15-20% Off When You Combine Tours!

Man inside of the Rappel during the Xenotes Tour

Special Offer: 15-20% Off When You Combine Tours!

Man inside of the Rappel during the Xenotes Tour

    Important Information!

    • Remind our visitors to show their reservation coupon at the park’s ticket booth or to their Grupo Xcaret Tour Guide.
    • Wear a swimsuit, water shoes and comfortable clothing. Bring an extra change of clothes and a towel.
    • Sunscreen and insect repellent used in the Park must only have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.
    • Remember to bring cash or a credit card to purchase souvenirs, get the photos of your visit, or enjoy an Optional Activity.
    • Wear a swimsuit, water shoes, sportswear, tennis shoes, comfortable clothing, and insect repellent. Additionally, bring an extra change of clothes.
    • Only sunblock and sunscreen containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide (Biodegradable) are allowed in the tour.
    • Bring cash or a credit card to purchase souvenirs or the photo package of your visit.
    • Reservations canceled more than 2 days before the arrival date are subject to a 10% charge for administrative expenses; 2 to 0 days before the arrival date, or in case of not arriving, they will not be refundable.
    • Complimentary transportation is provided from select hotels in the area.
    We had a guide named Irwin, very friendly, excellent service on his part, very charismatic and practically inspired many to overcome their fear of heights, it was a very fun experience 100% recommended.
    Vanessa RicciVanessa Ricci
    23:56 04 Jan 24
    Best excursion in Mexico 100%Only thing for me was the water shoes were expensive and pictures are expensiveI recommend you bring closed shoes you can swim in and bring an extra towel
    André LongattiAndré Longatti
    16:22 31 Dec 23
    Perfect for a day, not busy or noisy, beautiful with great infrastructure
    Dani PeckmanDani Peckman
    22:41 30 Dec 23
    Irwin was our tour guide and we had the most fabulous day! Prepare for lots of time in the water and heights - ziplines, repelling and cliff jumps. The beauty of these cenotes is unmatched and Irwin made it all so memorable. You are truly in the middle of the jungle and it’s magical. It’s an all day activity and we wouldn’t change our decision for the world.
    Selim CAYMAZSelim CAYMAZ
    18:20 22 Dec 23
    Roman BlRoman Bl
    22:25 19 Dec 23
    Soo good. A really well organized and thought through tour, with beautiful cenotes and fun activities for everyone. Not a dull moment! Plus some good and well timed food and snacks. And our guide, Gaby, was just absolutely brilliant.Note: a water shirt is recommended if you have it, otherwise it might be a bit chilly at times. They also sell these shirts right at the tour minivan for 800 pesos ($46).
    Pete RowlandsPete Rowlands
    22:52 05 Oct 23
    This was an amazing experience, all that was needed was a swim suit and some watershoes. They provided a towel per person. We didn't risk the phone cases and losing our phones. Zip lines, kayaking, snorkeling(wasn't great), small cliff jumps and a river swim(stormed for us but added to the experience). Whole day trip and completely worth the experience. Lunch was provided with a variety of local options all freshly prepared.
    Yushin KimYushin Kim
    16:25 23 Aug 23
    I've been to Mayan riviera 6 times now and by far this was the best excursion I've done. We visited Xenotes by xcaret in early Aug 2023. It was nice to get away from the heat and swim in cooler water( both resorts pool and ocean beach was hot). My in opinion it's best suited for ages 8-50, although my 73 year old dad did all the cliff jumping and ziplining too. Usually the excursions where u go into the jungle have very poor food but even the lunch was really good. Guides are super friendly. The photos are on the pricey side but they don't pressure u to buy them. I'll do this excursion again if I go back.
    Ethan BEthan B
    15:49 14 Mar 21
    A blast! My wife and I loved this place. Our tour guide Manny was amazing and made our experience the best he did such a good job.They take you to four different cenotes. In one you repel down (they do all the work you just ride into a cenote). Then you kayak in one, then you zip line in one (my favorite). The last there’s a slide, zip line, and a cliff jump. Keep in mind these are all optional but I recommend trying them all at least once.

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