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Xavage Cancun All-Inclusive Tickets

Xavage Cancun All-Inclusive Tickets

Adults: $149.99 | Children: $112.49

Xavage Factsheet
Xavage Logo

Xavage Cancun All-Inclusive Tickets

Adults: $149.99 | Children: $112.49

Terms & Conditions
  • Downloaded proof of purchase (coupon) and official ID for all visitors (including infants) must be shown at the park’s entrance or pick-up locations.
  • Children from 5 to 11 years old pay 25% off the Adult ticket price (must show ID at the ticket office of the park)
  • Child Policy: Children must be at least 5 years old to enter the park. Only in case the child does not present a valid official ID, price entrance will depend on his height. Children: From 3.2 ft (1 m) to 4.5 ft (1.40 m). Children over 4.5 ft (1.40 m) but under 12 years of age, must present an ID to verify their age at the park’s ticket booths. Children must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Some activities are not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Some activities are not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, or with neck and/or back problems, with recent surgeries or a history of heart problems.
  • All activities are subject to weather conditions.
  • You must check first the requirements of each activity.
  • Certain park activities are not recommended if you suffer from a heart condition, fear of heights, back pain; or if you are recovering from a recent surgery or if you get dizzy easily.
  • For the Zip-lines the minimum height required is 3.6 ft (1.10 m). The minimum weight required is 88 lbs. (40 kg) and a maximum of 300 lbs. (136 kg). The circumference capacity of the harness belt is 47 in (120 cm) and 25 in (65 cm) for the legs. In the case of children, the harness must fit properly and have a minimum height of 3.6 ft (1.10 m). If it doesn’t, for their own safety, they won’t be able to perform the activity.
  • Reservations canceled more than 2 days before the booking date are subject to a 10% charge for administrative fees.
  • Reservations canceled less than 48 hours before the booking date and/or no-shows are nonrefundable.
  • Based on the cancellation request date, the remaining amount will be credited back into the XSN E-Wallet or credited back into the payment method used.

Ropes Course

Ropes Course at Xavage Park in Cancun

Swing through the jungle on ropes, navigate precarious bridges, and hang ten on suspended kayaks or soar on aerial bicycles. Forget ordinary swings and slides – here, you’ll master hanging kayaks, defy physics with flying bikes, and laugh through every heart-pounding moment. Push your limits, conquer your fears, and discover the thrill of pure adventure in Xavage’s sky-high playground. 

Ropes Course at Xavage Park in Cancun
Rafting at Xavage Park in Cancun


Rafting at Xavage Park in Cancun

Buckle up, rafters! Conquer the world’s longest man-made whitewater in Xavage’s epic aquatic rollercoaster. Twist, turn, and shout for joy as you tame a mile of playful rapids. This ain’t a quick dip, it’s an adrenaline marathon etched in your memory forever. Get ready to get soaked and laugh all the way to the final splash!


Kayaking at Xavage Park in Cancun

Paddle through paradise at Xavage! Choose your path on serene lakes, carving through hidden corners of the park. From quick splashes to leisurely voyages, your kayak becomes your passport to tranquility and breathtaking nature. Glide beneath lush jungles, spot playful wildlife, and soak in the sun-kissed beauty – Xavage’s kayak adventure is your ticket to peace and wonder on water.

Kayaking at Xavage Park in Cancun
Children's area in Xavage Park in Cancun

Children’s Area (Splash Zone)

Children's area in Xavage Park in Cancun

A cool wading pool beckons little feet, creating a haven for splashing, building sandcastles, and forging friendships as laughter fills the air. This isn’t just a playground, it’s a vibrant oasis where imaginations run wild and memories bloom for the littlest explorers. So grab your swimsuits, let the sun paint smiles on their faces, and watch the joy unfold at Xavage’s Children’s Splash Zone!

Jet Boat

Jet Boat Ride in Xavage Park River

Get ready to set your pulse racing and your senses soaring with Xavage Park’s exhilarating Boat Ride! This high-octane adventure is more than just a leisurely cruise; it’s a heart-pounding expedition through twisting rapids, breathtaking views, and hidden secrets within the heart of the Mayan jungle.

Jet Boat Ride in Xavage Park River
Monster Trucks at Xavage Cancun

Monster Truck

Monster Trucks at Xavage Cancun

Buckle up for monster mayhem! Xavage’s Monster Trucks let you unleash your inner off-roader, roaring over 15 wild obstacles. Tackle hills, navigate mud pits, and dodge unexpected surprises – this ain’t your average Sunday drive. Test your skills, feel the adrenaline pump, and discover the thrill of conquering a course like no other. So grab the wheel, hold on tight, and let Xavage’s Monster Truck unleash your inner beast!

Xavage Zip-Line

Ziplining at Xavage Park in Cancun

Forget dangling! Xavage’s Zip-Line lets you fly like a bird, soaring horizontally through the park’s sky-high realm. Lie back, feel the wind whisper through your hair, and soak in breathtaking views as you glide on this unique aerial adventure. It’s not just a zip-line, it’s a flight of freedom, a chance to touch the clouds and paint the air with laughter. Buckle up, take a deep breath, and let Xavage’s Zip-Line unleash your inner eagle!

Ziplining at Xavage Park in Cancun
Restaurant Buffet at Xavage Park in Cancun

Lunch Buffet

Restaurant Buffet at Xavage Park in Cancun

Feast around the world at Xavage’s vibrant buffet! From 12pm to 5pm, your taste buds embark on a global adventure. Dive into Mexican specialties bursting with flavor, savor fresh seafood delights, and explore a dedicated vegan paradise. It’s an all-you-can-eat fiesta of culinary cultures, fueling your Xavage escapades with every bite. So grab your plate, gather your friends, and let the buffet ignite your taste buds at Xavage!

Save 25% on Children's Xavage Admission Tickets & 5% on Adults!

Woman Completing the Ropes Course at Xavage Park in Cancun

Save 25% on Children's Xavage Admission Tickets & 5% on Adults!

Woman Completing the Ropes Course at Xavage Park in Cancun

    Important Information!

    • Wear a swimsuit, water shoes, sportswear, tennis shoes, comfortable clothing, and insect repellent. Additionally, bring an extra change of clothes and a towel.
    • Only sunblock and sunscreen containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide (Biodegradable) are allowed in the park. Otherwise, at the entrance, you will find an information booth where you can exchange your sunscreen for a free sample of a biodegradable product. Your sunscreen will be returned to you upon departure.
    • Bring cash or a credit card to purchase souvenirs, a photo package of your visit.
    Xavage por Xcaret
    Based on 3878 reviews
    powered by Google
    Steve JohnsonSteve Johnson
    04:18 22 May 24
    Andrea MAndrea M
    19:06 21 May 24
    The park is incredible, very well done like all the places in the Xcaret chain. If you have a low tolerance for adrenaline, I recommend not going, in general they are "aggressive" activities. There is an amazing water park for kids, with lots of slides and pool next to it.
    adrian sanchezadrian sanchez
    12:12 20 May 24
    The dragonfly pilot Kaleb and Carlos, the restaurant waiter, are great and professional.
    Hugo Cisneros LandaHugo Cisneros Landa
    23:32 30 Jan 24
    Eric BoisvertEric Boisvert
    21:50 29 Jan 24
    Really nice place
    Armando GodinezArmando Godinez
    16:47 29 Jan 24
    Joseph GarfiasJoseph Garfias
    15:44 29 Jan 24
    So much adventures so much to do and so much fun!! Can't wait to go back
    Jesus AvilaJesus Avila
    22:53 28 Jan 24
    Scott KauwellScott Kauwell
    04:12 06 Dec 23
    Staff is very helpful and friendly. Food at the buffet is better than expected. Wait times for rides during the week day was really short, it seemed like the park only at about 25% full. The activities and experience is totally worth the cost.
    23:48 27 Oct 23
    This is a beautiful man made park. The activities are fun, safe and memorable! The ropes course was challenging to say the least. We did the red level! Wow! The buffet would rival any cruise buffet I have ever seen. The amount and variety of food was awesome. Please go and make some memories with your loved ones!
    Mrs JonesMrs Jones
    04:39 11 Sep 23
    I really enjoyed myself at the park, all the instructors were very informative, friendly and truly welcoming on all the rides. The food was great at the park, the only thing I really find annoying is the the paid for services like the photos, and videos has been very frustrating. I waited 2 hours on the phone and was disconnected abruptly. Still no photos or videos. Would I ever go back and recommend maybe yes maybe no.
    eleraido ecnobaeleraido ecnoba
    13:38 26 Aug 23
    This review is from a local perspective and a very budgetary view. The experience begins with:-Getting there the local way:You can take public transportation Microbus or Combi from playa del carmen or from Cancun; it should say PLAYA-CANCUN for only $45pesos; Take the same on the way back to either Playa del Carmen or Cancun. This also applies if you are staying in Puerto Morelos. All you have to do is tell the driver where you want to go and he will let you know when is time to get off... Transportation is very safe, air conditioner and the locals are very friendly if you talk to them.-The next part of the adventure is crossing the's a bit thrilling but be very careful also. Yes it is dangerous but kids cross it everyday to go to school so it is durable.-After all the excitement the first attraction I recommend you do would be the MONKEYS; If you are fit and good balance go on the RED ROUTE.If you exercise and have cardio take the BLUE ROUTE.If you are active or not so fit; go for the GREEN ROUTE.IGNORE THE BLACK ROUTE this is only for people that have experience with the previous routes have good stamina and are not afraid to hight and probably falling mid obstacle.
    Taje McIntoshTaje McIntosh
    01:56 09 Aug 23
    Awesome experience!José was an awesome powerboat driver and spun us as many times as we asked - what a thrill! Alex was our rafting guide, he was so patient with us, and celebrated with us when we finally got the hang of it.The Hawk was awesome, but it was a bit of a hike in the heat to get to it and the Monkey. The Puma ATVs were a rough ride- if you have back or neck issues - skip that one. It was awesome that food was included, so we could grab a bite and a cold drink. We finished the day at the kids splash pad, which was a great way to cool off.

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