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Xelha Cancun Tickets

Xelha Cancun Tickets

Adults: $114.99 | Children: $86.24

Xelha Cancun Fact Sheet
Xelha Logo

Xelha Cancun Tickets

Adults: $114.99 | Children: $86.24

Terms & Conditions
  • Downloaded proof of purchase (coupon) and official ID for all visitors (including infants) must be shown at the park’s entrance or pick-up locations.
  • Infants from 0 to 4 years old have free admission.
  • Children from 5 to 11 years old pay 25% off the Adult ticket price (must show ID at the ticket office of the park)
  • Child Policy: Only in case, the child does not present a valid official ID, the price of entrance will depend on his height. Children: From 3.2 ft (1 m) to 4.5 ft (1.40 m). Children over 4.5 ft (1.40 m) but under 12 years of age, must present an ID to verify their age. Children must always be accompanied by an adult.  
  • Some activities are not suitable for pregnant women. 
  • Certain park activities are not recommended if you suffer from a heart condition, fear of heights, back pain; or if you are recovering from a recent surgery, or if you get dizzy easily. 
  • Reservations canceled more than 2 days before the booking date are subject to a 10% charge for administrative fees.
  • Reservations canceled less than 48 hours before the booking date and/or no-shows are non-refundable.
  • Based on the cancellation request date, the remaining amount will be credited back into the XSN E-Wallet or credited back into the payment method used.

Unlimited Snorkel

Young lady snorkling with the fish at Xelha

Picture the sheer bliss of gliding through sun-kissed waters, weightless and tranquil. Behold the spectacle of exotic fish darting around vibrant coral gardens, turtles gracefully passing by, and playful dolphins joining in the aquatic ballet. Sunlight bathes the turquoise depths, revealing a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of underwater wonders – an entrance to a different world. As you go on this immersive journey, allow your sense of wonder to be your only limit, and let the ocean unveil its secrets with every ripple and wave.

Young lady snorkling with the fish at Xelha
Breakfast at Xelha

Continental Breakfast

Breakfast at Xelha

Rise and shine with a blissful Continental Breakfast! From 9:30 to 11:30, immerse yourself in a feast for the senses. Flaky pastries mingle with vibrant fruit platters, while creamy yogurt and savory cheeses offer endless possibilities. Sip soothing herbal tea or invigorate your palate with a bold espresso – the choice is yours. Breathe in the morning air, soak in the sunshine, and let this gentle indulgence nudge you into a perfect day, ready for adventure or rest.

Lunch Buffet

Lunch at Xelha

Escape the ordinary at Chula Vista, Xel-Há’s vibrant lunch buffet! From 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM, savor global flavors: sizzling meats, al dente pastas, crisp salads, and decadent desserts. Soak up the sun on the open-air terrace, share laughter with loved ones, and create memories that linger long after your last bite. Chula Vista isn’t just lunch, it’s an unforgettable culinary adventure in the heart of Xel-Há.

Lunch at Xelha
Couple going down an inner tube raft in the lazy river at Xelha

Inner Tubes For The River

Couple going down an inner tube raft in the lazy river at Xelha

Float through paradise at Xel-Há with their inner tubes! Glide down the jungle-lined river, soaking in serene landscapes and playful rapids. Dive into the calm inlet, snorkeling vibrant reefs and basking under the sun. Share laughter on double tubes, creating memories that last beyond your final splash. Xel-Há’s inner tubes – your gateway to relaxation and adventure in a watery wonderland. Ready to make a splash? Grab your tube and go!

Children's World

Children's world at Xelha Park in Cancun

Prepare for giggles galore and boundless energy at Xel-Há’s Children’s World! This vibrant oasis erupts with laughter as little adventurers unleash their inner explorers. Slide down towering spirals, sending squeals echoing through the jungle. Conquer wobbly rope bridges and giggle on bouncy playgrounds, forging friendships one exhilarating climb at a time. Dive into a miniature oasis, splashing under gentle waterfalls and giggling at bubbling fountains. Capture adorable moments with resident sea turtles, learning about these gentle giants of the ocean. Then, float on vibrant water lilies, weaving fantastical stories of mermaid adventures under the warm Mexican sun.

Children's world at Xelha Park in Cancun
Zip-biking in Adventure World at Xelha Park in Cancun

Adventure World

Zip-biking in Adventure World at Xelha Park in Cancun

Buckle up for thrills in Xel-Há’s Adventure World, where adrenaline meets turquoise waters! Soar through lush canopies on aquatic zip-lines, feeling the wind whip through your hair as you glide between platforms dangling over sparkling lagoons. Take the plunge with exhilarating five-meter jumps, testing your courage and emerging refreshed in crystal-clear pools below. Navigate a challenging course of rope games, conquering wobbly bridges, swinging Tarzan-style on vines, and mastering knot-tying skills that will impress your crew. Adventure World isn’t just about physical feats; it’s about laughter, teamwork, and conquering fears together. 

Tours In Gardens & Jungle Trails

Tours in gardens and jungle trails

Unveil Xel-Há’s secrets on immersive tours! Wander vibrant gardens, learn botanical lore, then delve into emerald jungle trails where ancient trees whisper tales. Discover Mayan ruins, connect with nature’s magic, and create memories that bloom long after your last step. Lace up, grab your thirst for adventure, and let Xel-Há’s hidden wonders unfold!

Tours in gardens and jungle trails

Save 25% on Children's Xelha Admission Tickets & 5% on Adults!

Enjoying the view at Xelha Water Park in Cancun

Save 25% on Children's Xelha Admission Tickets & 5% on Adults!

Enjoying the view at Xelha Water Park in Cancun

    Important Information!

    • Xel-Há is a unique paradise of inlets, lagoons and caves where you enjoy crystal clear waters with more than 90 marine species.
    • Unlimited Snorkel
    • Use of snorkeling equipment with free snorkel tube.
    • Continental Breakfast from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and Buffet Lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    • Domestic open bar
    • Use of lockers, towels and lifejackets.
    • Inner tubes for the river and inlet.
    • Children’s World
    • Bicycle ride.
    • Areas of relaxation with hammocks and lounge chairs
    • Adventure World: aquatic zip-lines, jumps from five meters height and different rope games
    • Tours in gardens and jungle trails.
    • Visit attractions such as apiary and orchid nursery.
    • Unlimited drinks and domestic open bar.
    • Xel-Há Park opens 365 days a year from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    • Children under 4 years old have free admission (an ID is required).
    • Children from 5 to 11 years old pay 25% off the Adult ticket price (must show ID at the ticket office of the park).
    • Children over 1.40 m but under 12 years old must present identification to verify their age.
    • Wear a swimsuit, water shoes, and comfortable clothing. Additionally, bring an extra change of clothes and a towel.
    • Only sunblock and sunscreen containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide (Biodegradable) are allowed in the park. Otherwise, at the entrance, you will find an information booth where you can exchange your sunscreen for a free sample of a biodegradable product. Your sunscreen will be returned to you upon departure.
    • Bring cash or a credit card to purchase souvenirs, photo package of your visit, or enjoy an Extraordinary Activity.
    Xel-Há Park
    Based on 54021 reviews
    powered by Google
    Samuel HernandezSamuel Hernandez
    05:01 01 Jun 24
    Guzman BertizGuzman Bertiz
    04:17 01 Jun 24
    Washington amatoWashington amato
    01:38 01 Jun 24
    Juan J MercedJuan J Merced
    23:36 31 May 24
    A water park that offers many attractions
    Francisco ParraFrancisco Parra
    17:50 31 May 24
    It is very beautiful, in addition to being ecological
    Magnificent place to go with the family
    12:20 14 Jan 24
    Keri PrattKeri Pratt
    05:52 14 Jan 24
    Xel-Ha All Inclusive Waterpark | Unleash Your Big Guy Fun With These Tips!
    Luis BeizaLuis Beiza
    03:52 14 Jan 24
    Very good
    César RCésar R
    01:35 14 Jan 24
    Ali MAli M
    21:28 09 Jan 24
    We had a great visit. Just know in advance that most stuff costs an additional fee. My favourite spot was the fish therapy I wanted to try this my whole life and seeing that it’s banned in most parts of the world it made it super cool to try it out. The zip bike was a lot of fun but if you’re at all unathletic or a smoker just know the first half is down hill and save your energy for the zip back up haha 😂 but for real the whole park is super clean. Also as a side note this place is non smoking!!!! We had an employee say that you could smoke at any garbage can that had sand on it and no you can NOT I felt so bad knowing I smoked where I wasn’t supposed to! If you’re a smoker ask at the front where you can go so you know ahead of time!
    Alicia MartinezAlicia Martinez
    21:38 05 Jan 24
    Honestly this place was a blast !!! Between zip lining into the ocean to tubing down the river walking across the floating bridge I don't know what was more fun. There was so many different things to do and see the wildlife was awesome as well. From what I remember it was all you can drink and the food was pretty good too. I would definitely visit here again and bring friends !
    Orly LibaOrly Liba
    17:41 03 Jan 24
    Our best experience during our vacation to Riviera Maya. Plenty of water activities and also a few activities not in water (biking, playground, floating bridge). The food is delicious and you can rent lockers, tubes, snorkels and towels for free. So nice compared to Xcaret where everything is at an additional price.We really enjoyed the slides, river tubing, ziplines, snorkeling and just seeing the place is gorgeous!The only thing to prepare for is a lot of walking or planning the day so you do the activities in an order that doesn't require lots of walking.
    Paula APaula A
    22:00 21 Nov 23
    Most of the cool activities are extra price like dolphins and diving.Pictures with dolphins are not included in the pictures package. Better to buy a bag to put your phone in so you can take pics in the water. This picture package is to expensive and not worth it!Other than that the park is beautiful, fun and the food is amazing ! Get there early to avoid the crowds. We loved it
    Spencer CongdonSpencer Congdon
    19:48 28 Sep 23
    I had visited years ago, but during my recent visit I got to experience far more of the park. We did a full day and were busy the entire time. I would return in a heartbeat.The fact that so many things are included with admission is one of the best parts. Locker, towels, food, drinks, life jackets, snorkel equipment, and bikes are all part of the package. With all of that comfortably in place, we felt free to explore while carrying as little as possible.We did a lot of exploring! Lots of swimming and walking, some biking, all of it beautiful. The fish you see will certainly vary, but having one of the big rays pass under you is quite the experience. The mangroves in the river swap up the mood entirely.We managed a pretty easy day in terms of the crowds and it was a dream. We didn't feel any of the extra experiences were necessary for us, but they are all well integrated into the park if one chose to do them. Really a spectacular day.

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