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Hotel Advertising Services

Come advertise your hotel with us and help maximize your hotel room occupancy rates!

Hotel Advertising Services

We can craft a winning hotel advertising strategy that gets your hotel noticed online and drives more bookings. Imagine: a steady increase in organic search traffic, leading to more reservations.

If you work with us, we will help you:
  • Get More Hotel Bookings
  • Improve Your Hotel Brand Recognition
  • Enhance Targeted Audience Reach
  • Get Relevant Backlinks

How Does Our Hotel Advertising Service Work?

Step #1

Gather Content

Gather Content

We'll use your existing content to create an advertising page for your hotel. If you sign up for our premium service, we'll personally collect the necessary photos and videos.

Step #2

Assemble Campaign

Assemble Campaign

Once we have the necessary photos and videos, we'll create the advertising pages to promote your establishment.

Step #3

Track Progress

Track Progress

We'll monitor the conversions that come in throughout your personalized web form, and share that data with you. 

Why Should You Advertise Your Hotel With Us?

  • Effective Advertising

    We'll feature your property on our website alongside targeted lead generation on our premium advertising pages. This ensures you reach the right audience while maximizing your return on investment.

  • Get Your Hotel On The First Page of Google

    We have the proven and verifiable experience to get your hotel showing on the first page of Google for commercial and transactional intent keywords relevant to your hotel.

  • Improve Brand Visibility

    Our services enhance your hotel's online visibility, ensuring that your establishment stands out in a crowded marketplace. This increased visibility translates to more potential guests discovering your hotel.

  • Get More Bookings

    Our tailored advertising strategies are designed to attract precisely the right audience – travelers actively seeking accommodation. This strategic approach results in significantly higher booking conversion rates, thereby optimizing your revenue potential and overall profitability.

Nice Resort With Palm Trees and a Swimming Pool

Relevant Case Study of Past Results

In 2023, we successfully attracted over 11,000 users to view the Hotel Xcaret properties, resulting in 462 booking conversions. consistently appearing on the first page of Google, typically ranking within the top three for the primary targeted keyword.

2023 case study of results.
Proof of ranking for targeted keyword(s)

Increased Website Conversions & Brand Visibility!

We’ve created an advertising page to help rank Hotel Xcaret Arte for the term “Hotel Xcaret Arte Promo Code” and capture those leads. Currently #1 on the first page of Google.

Targeted keyword volume in SEMRUSH

Driving Traffic Through Organic Search

In the last 12 months, we attracted a total of 14,758 users and are projected to double this number year over year. Out of these, 11,191 came directly from organic search, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 67%. Among these unique users, 11,391 were from the United States, followed by 1,354 from Mexico, and 976 from Canada. It’s important to note that the keywords driving this traffic are commercial and transactional, rather than informational like those typically used in blogs. As a result, our keywords are highly converting.

Basic & Premium Hotel Advertising Services

Basic Hotel Advertising

$ 10,000 One Time Fee Paid Monthly
  • 1 Hotel Advertising Page for 12 Months
  • 1 Promotional Flyer
  • 12 Social Media Posts Promoting Your Flyer
  • 2 Night Promotional Contest with Real Review
  • You Provide 15 Professional Photos
  • You Provide 1 Video Commercial (1-3 minute video)
  • Basic Support

Premium Hotel Advertising

$ 20,000 One Time Fee Paid Monthly
  • Multiple Hotel Advertising Pages for 12 Months
  • 1 Promotional Flyer
  • 12 Social Media Posts Promoting Your Flyer
  • 2 Night Promotional Contest
  • 12-15 Hotel Photos
  • Short Video Commercial Clips
  • Access to Dashboard Reporting
  • Access to Form Data
  • 1st Person Blog Post Experience with a Do-Follow Anchor Text
  • Premium Support

Request Your Basic or Premium Hotel Advertising Services!

Is your hotel missing out on potential guests? We can change that. Our proven hotel advertising service will make your hotel stand out online, attracting more qualified visitors who are ready to book. Imagine a steady stream of new visitors, all interested in what your hotel has to offer. If you’re ready to take action, fill out the form with your contact information to get started.

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