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Hotel Digital Marketing Services

Come market your hotel with us and help maximize your hotel room occupancy rates!

Hotel Digital Marketing Services

We specialize in hotel SEO. Our custom advertising pages, designed to help your hotel increase year-round occupancy rates, are currently available at a significant discount for 12 months, offering your hotel a cost-effective and proven advertising solution.

If you work with us, we will help you:
  • Get More Hotel Bookings
  • Improve Hotel Brand Recognition
  • Enhance Targeted Audience Reach
  • Create Engagement and Loyalty

How Does Our Hotel Marketing Service Work?

Step #1

Content Collection

Content Collection

We will personally visit your hotel to capture the necessary pictures and videos showcasing your property, or use your current photography and video content.

Step #2

Campaign Creation

Campaign Creation

After gathering the necessary photos and videos, we will create customized hotel advertising pages to promote your hotel and generate leads.

Step #3

Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking

After the launch of the hotel advertising pages, we'll initiate lead tracking to monitor the leads we drive to your hotel.

Why Should You Advertise Your Hotel With Us?

  • 12 Months of Hotel Advertising

    When featuring your hotel on our website, a flat fee covers the full 12-month advertising period. This includes acquiring targeted leads and access to our dedicated hotel advertising pages, ensuring a seamless process without worries of ineffective expenses.

  • Get Your Hotel On The First Page of Google

    We have the proven and verifiable experience to get your hotel showing on the first page of Google for commercial and transactional intent keywords relevant to your hotel.

  • Improve Brand Visibility

    Our services enhance your hotel's online visibility, ensuring that your establishment stands out in a crowded marketplace. This increased visibility translates to more potential guests discovering your hotel.

  • Get More Bookings

    Our tailored advertising strategies are designed to attract precisely the right audience – travelers actively seeking accommodation. This strategic approach results in significantly higher booking conversion rates, thereby optimizing your revenue potential and overall profitability.

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Relevant Case Study of Past Results

In 2023, we successfully attracted over 11,000 users to view the Hotel Xcaret properties, resulting in 462 booking conversions. consistently appearing on the first page of Google, typically ranking within the top three for the primary targeted keyword.

2023 case study of results.
Proof of ranking for targeted keyword(s)

Increased Website Conversions & Brand Visibility!

We’ve created an advertising page to help rank Hotel Xcaret Arte for the term “Hotel Xcaret Arte Promo Code” and capture those leads. Currently #1 on the first page of Google.

Targeted keyword volume in SEMRUSH

What Can You Expect From Our Hotel SEO Services? (Optional)

  • Technical Optimizations

    As part of our monthly service, we perform ongoing technical SEO optimizations, actively identifying and promptly resolving any issues that arise, ensuring your website maintains optimal performance effortlessly.

  • On-page Optimizations

    We conduct continual on-page SEO enhancements, actively refining and optimizing various on-site elements to enhance your website's visibility and performance.

  • Google My Business Management

    We provide comprehensive management for your Google My Business profile, continuously optimizing and updating it. Our focus is on maximizing your online visibility and engagement, ensuring your business maintains a strong and appealing presence to potential customers.

  • Detailed Analytics and Reporting

    Expect comprehensive monthly and quarterly reports detailing the performance of your campaign. Gain precise insights into the number of leads generated and access more detailed data, ensuring transparency and a clear understanding of the impact we're delivering.

  • SEO Optimized Content

    Our SEO optimized content is comprehensive. We meticulously optimize one main service page for enhanced online performance. Additionally, we produce four concise and relevant monthly blogs. These blogs are thoughtfully developed and actively promoted through your Google My Business profile, increasing their visibility and engagement with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step #1 – Content Collection:

To showcase your hotel in its best light, our experienced team will conduct an on-site visit to capture a wide array of captivating pictures and videos. We meticulously capture the essence of your property’s unique features, including stunning visuals of rooms, amenities, scenic views, and any distinctive offerings that set your hotel apart. Or, we can use your current photographs and videos instead.

Step #2 – Campaign Creation:

Using the gathered visuals, we create personalized hotel advertising pages to showcase your property’s strengths. These expertly designed pages resonate with your target audience, highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of your hotel. Our primary goal is to generate leads by presenting a compelling narrative, encouraging potential guests to explore and choose your hotel for their stay through these pages.

Step #3 – SEO Initiation (Optional):

Once the advertising pages are live and optimized, we initiate a comprehensive SEO strategy for your hotel’s website. This strategic approach involves fine-tuning website elements, employing keyword optimization, and enhancing functionality. By leveraging these SEO tactics, we aim to enhance your website’s visibility, drive organic traffic, and elevate your hotel’s online presence, ultimately boosting bookings and engagement with potential guests.

Step #4 – Lead Tracking:

We will diligently track and provide you with updated reports on the number of leads we’ve generated for your hotel within a specific time period

To access our latest prices and discounts, please fill out the form below with your information, and we’ll contact you with updated pricing details.

Certainly, the payment structure varies based on the chosen service. An initial deposit is required, followed by the remaining balance split into five or ten (your choice) monthly payments.

Step #1: Fill out the form below with your contact information.

Step #2: You will receive either an email or a phone call containing further information.

Step #3: Get your questions answered, and decide if you want to give our services a try.

Step #4: Sign our contract agreement electronically.

Step #5: Get started!

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