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Xenses at Hotels Xcaret!


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The Sensory Adventure Awaits: Xenses Park in Xcaret

If you're looking for an unforgettable experience that will awaken your senses and challenge your perceptions, Xenses Park in Xcaret is the perfect destination. This unique park is designed to take you on a journey of discovery through a world of illusions, colors, and sensations. Get your hotel xcaret promo code.

At Xenses Park, you'll encounter a series of immersive attractions that are unlike anything you've experienced before. The park's 15 different activities are divided into two areas: the Xensatorium and the Xítric Garden. In the Xensatorium, you'll be transported to a world of darkness where you'll explore various ecosystems and experience different textures and sounds. In the Xítric Garden, you'll encounter a range of optical illusions, visual puzzles, and other mind-bending challenges.

One of the most popular attractions at Xenses Park is the Way of Dwarfs and Giants, where you'll journey through a world where everything appears upside down, including the trees and houses. Another highlight is the Sludgerie, where you'll slide down a mud slide and splash into a refreshing pool. And if you're feeling daring, you can take on the Bird Flight zip-line, which will take you soaring over the park's stunning landscapes.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the adventures that await you at Xenses Park. There are many other attractions to explore, from the Xítric Cactus Garden to the Riverlaxing experience.

One of the great things about Xenses Park is that it's suitable for visitors of all ages. Whether you're traveling with young children, teens, or adults, you'll find something to love at this amazing park. And with convenient transportation from Hotel Xcaret Mexico and other nearby hotels, it's easy to make Xenses Park part of your next vacation itinerary.

So if you're ready to explore a world of illusions, colors, and sensations, make sure to add Xenses Park in Xcaret to your travel plans. It's an experience you won't soon forget!

Choose a Casa Type at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Casa Viento

For the enjoyment of the youngest of the family, Casa Viento is located next to the pool specially designed for their happiness and safety. It is also close to the family club, kids club, the trajineras dock that go to Xcaret, and also to Chibalí restaurant, which will be their favorite thanks to its candy station and delicious desserts.

Casa Espiral

Thanks to its proximity to our restaurants and to the convention center, Casa Espiral is ideal to accommodate groups that attend to an event or that celebrate a wedding. Our inlets with view to our Xpiral pyramid and diamond shaped infinity pools will feel like an extension of your suite.

Casa Tierra

Perfect suites for your family’s comfort, with the best views of the Caribbean Sea and to its blue waters that change every day. As it is so close to the beach, to our inlets and to the main pool, staying at Casa Tierra is as living in paradise.

Casa Agua

For lovers of the physical and mental wellness, Casa Agua is characterized for its suites with a volcanic stone jacuzzi and views to the Mayan jungle or to our relaxing river. This Casa also has its own gym and its home for Muluk Spa, the only spa in the world that is nestled in a natural cave.

Casa Fuego

An exclusive and sophisticated adults-only experience. The most iconic rooftop in the Mayan Riviera, Casa Fuego is great for couples who are looking for exclusiveness, private spaces and butler service. This Casa has its own reception, gym and Italian-Mexican food restaurant, under the care of our chef Franco Maddalozzo.

Adventure Parks Included With Your Stay

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