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Xcaret Park Tour Tickets

Xcaret Park Tour Tickets

Adults: $153.99 | Children: $115.49

Xcaret Fact Sheet
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Xcaret Park Tour Tickets

Adults: $153.99 | Children: $115.49


Wear a swimsuit, water shoes, and comfortable clothing. Additionally, bring an extra change of clothes and a towel. Only sunblock and sunscreen containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide (biodegradable) are allowed in the park. Otherwise, at the entrance, you will find an information booth where you can exchange your sunscreen for a free sample of a biodegradable product. Your sunscreen will be returned to you upon departure. Upgrade the underground river experience by wearing snorkel gear. For Xcaret Full Day Admission, the use of snorkel gear has a cost of $10.00 USD (it requires a deposit of $20.00 USD). The snorkeling gear is included in the Xcaret Plus admission. Bring cash or a credit card to purchase souvenirs, a Xcaret photo package of your visit, or enjoy an extraordinary activity.

Important Information

Show proof of purchase (coupon) and official ID for all visitors (including infants) must be shown at the park’s entrance or pick-up locations. Infants from 0 to 4 years old have free admission. Children from 5 to 11 years old pay 25% off the Adult ticket price (must show ID at the ticket office of the park). Child Policy: Only in case, the child does not present a valid official ID, the price of entry depend on his height. Children: From 3.2 ft (1 m) to 4.5 ft (1.40 m),. Children over 4.5 ft (1.40 m) but under 12 years of age, must present an ID to verify their age. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Some activities are not suitable for pregnant women. Certain park activities are not recommended if you suffer from a heart condition, fear of heights, back pain; or if you are recovering from a recent surgery or if you get dizzy easily. For the Zip-lines the minimum height required is 3.6 ft (1.10 m). The minimum weight required is 88 lbs (40 kg) and a maximum of 300 lbs (136 kg). The circumference capacity of the harness belt is 47 in (120 cm) and 25 in (65 cm) for the legs. In the case of children, the harness must fit properly and have a minimum height of 3.6 ft (1.10 m). If it doesn’t, for their own safety, they won’t be able to perform the activity. Reservations canceled more than 2 days before the booking date are subject to a 10% charge for administrative fees. Reservations canceled less than 48 hours before the booking date and/or no-shows are non-refundable. Based on the cancellation request date, the remaining amount will be credited back into the XSN E-Wallet or credited back into the payment method used.

Round Trip transportation
The pickup time depends on your hotel’s location. Please, be on time at the lobby or meeting point. You will have the returning hour before arriving at the park.

The Xcaret Park Tour Experience

Family Enjoying the Ocean Turtles at Xcaret Park

Enjoy a stress-free excursion with round-trip transportation on a deluxe bus and a bilingual guide to enhance your journey. Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Mexico with the captivating ‘Xcaret México Espectacular’ show, a musical odyssey through the nation’s history. Explore the diversity of animal species at attractions like the Butterfly Pavilion, Coral Reef Aquarium, and the Island of Jaguars, creating moments of wonder.

Indulge in a jungle stroll, discover archaeological sites, and engage in water activities in the underground river. Access pristine beaches, bays, and natural pools, and be entertained by an equestrian show, Voladores de Papantla, and various other attractions. Enjoy the comfort of provided life jackets, inner tubes, lounge chairs, and hammocks throughout your exploration. Safety is paramount with a bag service during the river journey, while strategically placed rest areas, well-equipped restrooms, dressing rooms, and showers ensure a seamless and enjoyable Xcaret adventure.

Family Enjoying the Ocean Turtles at Xcaret Park
xcaret underground river swim

Underground Rivers

xcaret underground river swim

Explore the enchanting underwater world of Xcaret as you navigate through a network of caves and tunnels, illuminated by natural light seeping through air vents. Choose your adventure from three captivating underground rivers: the Blue River, the Mayan River, and the Manatee River, all of which gracefully flow into the sea alongside mangroves inhabited by vibrant pink flamingos.

Located approximately 16.4 feet below ground, these rivers extend for about 656 yards with an average depth of 5 feet. For those seeking a shorter journey, intermediate exits are available along the way. Ensure a safe and enjoyable experience by donning a mandatory life jacket, allowing you to effortlessly float through the stunning course.

A Tapestry of Colors and Melodies

Mcawas at the Aviary in Xcaret Park

Step into a haven of vibrant plumage and enchanting melodies at the Aviary. Marvel at the stunning scarlet and great green macaws, the toucan with its kaleidoscopic beak, and the majestic king vulture. This avian sanctuary is a testament to years of dedicated research, where natural habitats have been meticulously crafted to foster the thriving environment for over 1,500 Mexican birds, including some endangered species.

Discover the beauty of these feathered inhabitants between 10:00 am and 16:20 pm, and immerse yourself in the rich diversity of Mexico’s avian wonders within this captivating sanctuary.

Mcawas at the Aviary in Xcaret Park
Paradise River at Xcaret Park in Cancun

Discover the Harmony of Nature, Culture, and Adventure at Xcaret

Paradise River at Xcaret Park in Cancun

Explore a wealth of activities at Xcaret, where water adventures take center stage. Dive into the Underground Rivers, unwind on pristine beaches, and enjoy natural pools. Sail along the Paradise River, and let the little ones discover the wonders of Children’s World.

Marvel at Jaguars and Pumas Island, Mammals  The Cultural Attractions also include the Museum of Mexican Folk Art, the Mexican Cemetery “Bridge to Paradise,” Guadalupe Chapel, St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, Main Plaza, Stained-glass Plaza, Ball Game Court, and engaging performances like the Ritual Ceremony of the “Voladores,” Horse Exhibition, Prehispanic Dances, Owl Dance, Glass bottle Marimba, and the captivating Xcaret México Espectacular.

A Spectacular Journey Through Mexico's History

Mayan warrior at Xcaret Park in Cancun

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Gran Tlachco Theatre, where a cast of over 300 artists unfolds the tapestry of Mexico’s rich history. From the pre-Hispanic era to the Spanish conquest, Colonial times, the Independence of Mexico, and the Revolution, witness the dynamic evolution of this culturally rich nation. The performance culminates in present-day Mexico, celebrating a fusion of enduring traditions.

Join us for this captivating journey every evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, as the Gran Tlachco Theatre brings to life the essence of Mexico’s past and present through a spectacular showcase of talent and history.

Mayan warrior at Xcaret Park in Cancun
Dolphin Swim at Xcaret Park in Cancun

Paid Activities for Every Enthusiast

Dolphin Swim at Xcaret Park in Cancun

Discover a range of thrilling activities at Xcaret, offering extra excitement for adventure enthusiasts (additional cost). Feel the adrenaline with Adrenalina, embark on an underwater adventure with Snuba Family, and explore the wonders of Snuba Reef. Dive into vibrant marine life on a snorkeling tour or enjoy the exhilaration of a Swim with Dolphins Ride. Opt for interactive encounters like Swim with Dolphins Primax or Swim with Dolphins Interax, and marvel at the grace of stingrays in the Stingray Encounter. Immerse yourself in the underwater adventure of Sea Trek, and let Adventure Kids captivate the younger ones.

For a different kind of thrill, experience Paraxute and explore the fascinating world of sharks. Unwind in the traditional Temazcal, pamper yourself at Xpa Xcaret, and indulge in a delightful evening with the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Dinner. These extraordinary activities promise an added layer of excitement to your Xcaret adventure, ensuring a memorable and diverse experience for all.

Xcaret Luxury Tour Transportation

Xcaret Luxury Tour Bus

Experience a hassle-free journey with our luxury tour bus providing round-trip transportation to and from Xcaret, accompanied by a bilingual guide for an informative and enjoyable ride. Upon arrival, dive into the captivating ‘Xcaret México Espectacular,’ a musical journey through Mexico’s history. Explore animal species in attractions like the Butterfly Pavilion, Coral Reef Aquarium, and the Island of Jaguars, creating moments of awe.

Xcaret Luxury Tour Bus

Special Offer: 15-20% Off When You Combine Tours!

voladores papantla flying down at hotel xcaret plus

Special Offer: 15-20% Off When You Combine Tours!

voladores papantla flying down at hotel xcaret plus

    Important Information!

    • Remind our visitors to show their reservation coupon at the park’s ticket booth or to their Grupo Xcaret Tour Guide.
    • Wear a swimsuit, water shoes and comfortable clothing. Bring an extra change of clothes and a towel.
    • Sunscreen and insect repellent used in the Park must only have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.
    • Remember to bring cash or a credit card to purchase souvenirs, get the photos of your visit, or enjoy an Optional Activity.
    • Children under 4 years old have free admission (an ID is required).
    • Children from 5 to 11 years old pay 25% off the Adult ticket price (must show ID at the ticket office of the park).
    • Children over 1.40 m but under 12 years old must present identification to verify their age.
    • The use of snorkel gear has a cost of $ 10 USD (requires a refundable deposit of $25 USD).
    • Reservations canceled more than 2 days before the arrival date are subject to a 10% charge for administrative expenses; 2 to 0 days before the arrival date, or in case of not arriving, they will not be refundable.
    • Complimentary transportation is provided from select hotels in the area.
    Xcaret Park
    Based on 105172 reviews
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    Laura RivoirLaura Rivoir
    04:42 26 May 24
    One day is not enough to cover everything
    Jorge CópolaJorge Cópola
    04:33 26 May 24
    Eulogio IgnacioEulogio Ignacio
    04:07 26 May 24
    Azalia FloresAzalia Flores
    03:31 26 May 24
    Victoria NealVictoria Neal
    03:25 26 May 24
    01:00 14 Jan 24
    Very nice experience with a lot of activities, the staff is really nice and welcoming,
    It is an incredible experience, coming to Cancun without xcaret is like not having been to Cancun
    Belinda SandovalBelinda Sandoval
    00:44 14 Jan 24
    Julia VidalesJulia Vidales
    00:28 14 Jan 24
    This was an awesome experience! The park os huge and do much to see!
    Melvin RomanMelvin Roman
    00:00 14 Jan 24
    Way overpriced
    Angela HallAngela Hall
    10:02 09 Jan 24
    Absolutely stunning place. Our second visit in 9 years. If your visiting Playa Car, book a trip to Exceret. We booked in resort with our TUI rep. Bought our ticket & it included a buffet meal & 1 drink. Return pick up choices of either leaving at 4:30 pm or you can stay for the evening show. Pick up then will be 9:30pm.The must do for me is the Mayan River. Your belongings are locked in a bag at the entry to the underground river. Your given a key, then body floats. At the end of the river you hand in your float & collect your belongings. Showers & changing booths are available & free. I must say, other than purchasing gifts we didn't need money.
    Teresa PagliusoTeresa Pagliuso
    14:34 05 Jan 24
    Wow, what an amazing place this is....I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was not disappointed in the least! We arrived a little later than we wanted but packed in lots of fun regardless. They really put a lot of effort into making this place beautiful and really special. It's organized well and easy to get around from one activity to another. There really is an endless list of things to do, so PLAN AHEAD on what you want to maximize your time and experience. We did the boat ride, water caves, aquarium, buffet, and late night show. We took the ADO bus in from Cancun and was a bit over an hour - (important to note that if you are taking the ADO bus to the park to book your tickets well in advance as we were unable to get tickets until later in the day 😒 When we arrived we took the free park shuttle from the highway to the main gates ) (buffet - we got the tickets 2 weeks ahead online and upgraded to the one with the buffet. There are lots of buffets around the park that we came across. The food was eh not the best, not the worst, but it can be hit or miss with a buffet. There was a good assortment of food, so lots to chose from) (when we did the water caves, we put our bags in the water bag option and our stuff was at the end of the caves about an hour in the caves and water) I would also recommend snacks and drinks as the prices here for those things are typical of a theme park and expensive. The aquarium was nice and on route we got to see some other attractions and wildlife. The show at the end was really well done and gave you a history of Mexico. It was entertaining, musical, educational, and full of color and action. For this, we did the early show at 530pm, which was nice as all the park activities ended at 6 pm. Our show finished around 730pm. When we left we took the free shuttle back to the highway and waited on the side of the road for a collectivo which is a white van that comes by often and that took us to Playa del Carmen. It is fully crowded and packed up, so be prepared. It cost us 20 pesos each and was about 15 min into Playa del Carmen from the park. Then, from Playa del Carmen, we took another van to Cancun that was over an hour in a really packed van again for 45 pesos each. Those run on a 24-hour time frame, so staying and checking out Playa is an option if you are not in a rush to get back.Here are some things to know:*Book park tickets online*Bring photo ID*Bring snacks for the day*Upgrade to package with meal*Book your travel ahead, especially with ADO*book the early show if you are traveling further than the on-site hotels
    Orly LibaOrly Liba
    04:19 31 Dec 23
    Disappointing on a cloudy day. Some of the hands-on activities were closed (chocolate workshop, coconut workshop). Because it was chilly we didn't do the water activities. We wanted to see some shows but the schedule was not on the app, so we missed the flying men. Then the horse show was super crowded. We left before the main show because we got tired of the crowds. Some of the exhibits are unique and interesting: real Mayan ruins, manatees, caves, birds and the beaches are nice. We did the river boat ride, it's short and could be enjoyable but we were crammed into a boat with an unhappy baby and a loud family that tried to calm her.
    Xavier OdiliXavier Odili
    22:34 13 Dec 23
    A full day of fun and adventure!Definitely make plans to spend the entire day here! Review the website or download the app so that you can study the map and plan your day properly. If you're interested in swimming in the underground rivers, it's better to head there first and start your day. They have lockers where you can store your belongings or you can pack them in a travel bag and they will send your belongings down the river to meet you at the end. It's really convenient that way so you don't have to walk all the way back to the start of the river in your wet clothes. There's lots of animals to see, including the tropical birds, and a butterfly exhibit. Lots of tasty food options as well. If you are a hotel guest, you get one buffet meal included per person per day at this park. Noon to 1p seems to be a busy time for eating, so try to go before or after if you want to avoid a long wait. The gift shop is huge, definitely plan time to spend there if you're looking for gifts. At 6:00 p.m., most of the park shuts down and everyone starts to head to the open Auditorium for the evening performance. You won't want to miss it!
    Ela ZedEla Zed
    18:00 25 Oct 23
    Absolutely a beautiful and joyful experience. There is no way to do everything in one day. We had the Plus ticket which included lockers, buffet choice from one of several restaurants and other plus access and activities. We got lucky with the perfect weather and a time when it wasn't overly busy. There is a huge parking area and parking is included. Everything is clearly marked and clean. When you present or get your new tickets the way into the park is clear and there are many employees ready to help you along the way with any questions. There are several colored paths you can choose to follow on the sidewalks as well as marked "road" signs. Stop and look at the large map posted to orient yourself and look at all the things you can see and do. There are several small shows, sites, displays, interactions to choose from. It's not possible to do everything in one day. You can also pay for add-on activities or purchase an upgraded ticket that includes added activities. We didn't and we still had time only to see maybe 1/3rd of this beautiful place. If you're interested, read about how this place got developed. It's fascinating. My advice is that you pick the paths and activities you want to accomplish roughly with leeway to stop here and there along the way when something catches your eye. One thing - always carry water. The place is huge and it's hot and you need to hydrate. You can buy bottled water and refill it at several marked stations throughout the park. I am posting some photos but honesty they hardly do this place justice. Yes, it's pricey but for the cleanliness, quality, safety, variety and beauty of this place we found it highly worth it and plan on returning.

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