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Xel-ha Water Park

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Discover the Natural Beauty of the Riviera Maya at Xcaret's Water Park

If you're looking for a natural wonder to explore during your trip to Mexico, look no further than Xcaret's Water Park, Xel-Ha. This stunning aquatic playground offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Riviera Maya, with its crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, and fascinating marine life. Get your hotel xcaret promo code.

The name Xel-Ha comes from the Mayan language, and means "the place where water is born". And indeed, this natural wonder is a birthplace of sorts, as it is where the fresh water of the underground rivers meets the salt water of the Caribbean Sea, creating a unique ecosystem that is teeming with life.

One of the best ways to experience Xel-Ha is to grab a snorkel and dive into the waters, where you'll be greeted by a vibrant world of fish, coral, and other marine creatures. The waters here are calm and shallow, making it the perfect spot for novice snorkelers to explore.

If you prefer to stay above water, you can still take in the beauty of Xel-Ha from a kayak or paddle board. Glide along the tranquil waters and marvel at the lush vegetation that surrounds you. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can even try your hand at cliff jumping into the cool waters below.

Of course, one of the best things about Xel-Ha is simply soaking up the natural beauty of the place. Wander along the pathways that wind through the park, taking in the stunning vistas of the Caribbean Sea and the lush jungle. Relax in a hammock and listen to the soothing sounds of the water as it flows past you.

There are also a variety of other activities available at Xel-Ha, from zip lining and rope bridges to a swim with dolphins experience. And if you get hungry, there are plenty of restaurants and snack bars scattered throughout the park, offering everything from traditional Mexican cuisine to international favorites.

In short, Xcaret's Water Park, Xel-Ha, is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya. So grab your swimsuit, slather on some sunscreen, and get ready to immerse yourself in the stunning aquatic wonderland that is Xel-Ha.

Xel-Há Park
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Magnificent place to go with the family
12:20 14 Jan 24
Keri PrattKeri Pratt
05:52 14 Jan 24
Xel-Ha All Inclusive Waterpark | Unleash Your Big Guy Fun With These Tips!
Luis BeizaLuis Beiza
03:52 14 Jan 24
Very good
César RCésar R
01:35 14 Jan 24
Ali MAli M
21:28 09 Jan 24
We had a great visit. Just know in advance that most stuff costs an additional fee. My favourite spot was the fish therapy I wanted to try this my whole life and seeing that it’s banned in most parts of the world it made it super cool to try it out. The zip bike was a lot of fun but if you’re at all unathletic or a smoker just know the first half is down hill and save your energy for the zip back up haha 😂 but for real the whole park is super clean. Also as a side note this place is non smoking!!!! We had an employee say that you could smoke at any garbage can that had sand on it and no you can NOT I felt so bad knowing I smoked where I wasn’t supposed to! If you’re a smoker ask at the front where you can go so you know ahead of time!
Alicia MartinezAlicia Martinez
21:38 05 Jan 24
Honestly this place was a blast !!! Between zip lining into the ocean to tubing down the river walking across the floating bridge I don't know what was more fun. There was so many different things to do and see the wildlife was awesome as well. From what I remember it was all you can drink and the food was pretty good too. I would definitely visit here again and bring friends !
Orly LibaOrly Liba
17:41 03 Jan 24
Our best experience during our vacation to Riviera Maya. Plenty of water activities and also a few activities not in water (biking, playground, floating bridge). The food is delicious and you can rent lockers, tubes, snorkels and towels for free. So nice compared to Xcaret where everything is at an additional price.We really enjoyed the slides, river tubing, ziplines, snorkeling and just seeing the place is gorgeous!The only thing to prepare for is a lot of walking or planning the day so you do the activities in an order that doesn't require lots of walking.
Paula APaula A
22:00 21 Nov 23
Most of the cool activities are extra price like dolphins and diving.Pictures with dolphins are not included in the pictures package. Better to buy a bag to put your phone in so you can take pics in the water. This picture package is to expensive and not worth it!Other than that the park is beautiful, fun and the food is amazing ! Get there early to avoid the crowds. We loved it
Spencer CongdonSpencer Congdon
19:48 28 Sep 23
I had visited years ago, but during my recent visit I got to experience far more of the park. We did a full day and were busy the entire time. I would return in a heartbeat.The fact that so many things are included with admission is one of the best parts. Locker, towels, food, drinks, life jackets, snorkel equipment, and bikes are all part of the package. With all of that comfortably in place, we felt free to explore while carrying as little as possible.We did a lot of exploring! Lots of swimming and walking, some biking, all of it beautiful. The fish you see will certainly vary, but having one of the big rays pass under you is quite the experience. The mangroves in the river swap up the mood entirely.We managed a pretty easy day in terms of the crowds and it was a dream. We didn't feel any of the extra experiences were necessary for us, but they are all well integrated into the park if one chose to do them. Really a spectacular day.

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